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modularised workshops available in-person or virtually

Ignite revenue growth with our game changing perception sellingtm workshops


Sales as a system

It get's easier when you get better.

We've combined research into the world’s leading sales organizations with our experience of coaching thousands of live selling situations, and studies of best-in-breed sales methodologies.

The result; a system of sales built for success in the 21st century to develop and enhance success behaviours.

Available in-person or virtually
Our sales system is taught in modules
You don't have to learn everything at once

Workshop details

What strategies, processes and skills can you build or develop with our sales system?


Generate to win

Generating qualified demand
A proven framework and approach to identify and connect with new buyers.
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Engage to win

Customer focused engagement
Elevate your client-facing skills with our capability builder workshops for:

o Investigation and discovery skills
o Differentiating your capabilities and strengths
o Virtual sales skills
o Writing and presenting compelling proposals
o Negotiating for success
o Telling compelling business stories

Pursue to win

Developing winning strategies
A system for winning complex B-B sales opportunities where there are multiple external and internal decision-makers.

Protect and grow to win

Win more with account planning
A system to help you protect and grow your key accounts.

Coach to win

coaching skills for sales leaders
A methodology for coaching sales professionals in any situation.
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Funnel management to win

increase sales outcome predictability
A process for systematically setting sale stages, mapping the buying process and coaching opportunities through the funnel.

High performance sales culture

Future proof business growth
In collaboration with our partner Culture Partners, this is a system to help you create exponential growth.
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Illustration of client
Paul Sealy
Global Head, People and Capabilities, Client Business at Standard Chartered Bank

“He practiced what he preached …… a superb sales coach and was able to help deal teams adopt the various methodologies to great effect."

Illustration of client
Others Unnamed
Managing Director and Global Head Structured Solutions - Singapore

“It is all that I would like to see a person selling to a client do - conceptually or otherwise, where a complex sale situation exists… So I will urge you, strongly, not miss the opportunity.”

Illustration of client
Others Unnamed
Managing Director and Head Transaction Banking – MENA

“I feel this could really transform our client engagement model.”

Illustration of client
Others Unnamed
Wealth Manager - Singapore

"Mark had a huge impact on my business in a relatively short period of time, and I'm very grateful for this."

Master the game

Play to win with™ Perception Selling

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