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December 17, 2021

The Straw Man

In complex sales a coach can increase your chances of closing significantly.

The blog post is designed to enlighten readers on the role of a Coach in a complex B2B sale.


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December 17, 2021

Is ‘sales’ really a dirty word?

For whatever semantic distinction is most palatable; without ‘sales’ revenue, businesses can’t exist.

‘Sales’ should be seen as a force for good, if you sincerely believe that the customer’s best interests are your principle concern. This is a lot easier to say though, than it is to do.


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December 17, 2021

How to get the ROI from your sales training initiatives

From the classroom to your bottom-line. The secret to cultural adoption.

To make your sales training initiatives stick, and to visibly see the positive impact on your top and bottom line, it requires a consistent commitment to adopting those desired behaviours.


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December 17, 2021

Account Planning

4 key questions to consider when implementing a strategic account planning process.

Account planning always seems to be a thorny issue for so many sales originations. Yet it is a fundamental business practice to protect and grow strategic business relationships, because the relationships you have with your customers are your primary business assets.

Own the game

Be the master of your destiny

Consistent high performance is not the result of chance, just as excellence is never accidental.

Today’s business environment requires salespeople to hone and master their professional craft, so that they can out-think and out-execute the rest.

We show you how to embed the know-how and tools to sustain behavioural shifts that create sales success.

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